3 Tips to Ensure a Successful Employee Volunteering Program

Getting employees to volunteer for your CSR events can be extremely challenging, and stressful. 40-60 hours in office a week should never be all about work. We are humans, remember? Sometimes we forget, thanks to technology which is enabling us to do more. Work never stops. We need to stop, to recharge. I’d like to […]

Why Swear At All?

Words have consequences. Travis Kalanick, Scaramucci, etc. In a world where people are outraging on social media, human relationships being replaced by cats and dogs, the last thing we need is bonding over negativity. So many lives have been lost because of an incorrect tweet or post. Where there is a need for genuine kindness […]

5 Essentials to be a Child of God

Does the Word of God say anyone who simply says that they believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, will be saved – become a child of God? No, not at all. Listing a few basic verses to understand what the Word of God is saying about what it means to be a child […]

06 Lessons from Two Blind Men

Whether you are starting out as a fresher, or moving to a new organization, there is always this fear of the unknown. Employees need to have these qualities to be successful in the long term. Matthew 20:30-34 30 And behold, two blind men were sitting by the wayside when they heard that Jesus was passing by, […]