5 things I learned after a year on Twitter.

Social Media platforms are demanding, all of them. Twitter, for those who use it diligently, is a great source of information and an opportunity for exchange between similar minded individuals.

I started @scribblefree, a new account, last year to use it seriously and learn from the experience from scratch. I’ll be honest I wasn’t diligent enough but still managed to learn a few important things.


In life, don’t do anything without purpose, including, while using Social Media platforms. Why is it necessary to have purpose for Twitter? Purpose keeps you disciplined and focused on what you are trying to achieve out of Twitter. Purpose helps you stay the course, and gain from tweeting, replying, ReTweeting, Twitter chatting, etc. When others see focused messaging on your timeline, if the content interests them, they will follow and even join in. You gain followers, you gain new insights, you gain approval (support), you gain a network of like minded individuals on your journey to Twitter stardom. Purpose helps you engage fruitfully.


Hypocrisy and randomness is rampant on Social Media platforms (and life, in general). Twitter is no exception.

What do you really do
? Are you into Public Relations? Employee Communications? Corporate Social Responsibility? Social Media? Are you a Doctor? Engineer? Lawyer? Accountant?

Stick to subject-matter experience. Sincere users enjoy listening to various insights and perspectives on topical issues. Many graduating from universities desire to gather a real-world understanding of the careers they are pursuing. Freshers look for chatter to gain knowledge and approach their roles with the right perspective.


My personal account @Jobey, was hardly used earlier. It’s been over 10 years on that one. When I compare the timelines for both, I see the amazing difference.

What’s amazing? The difference in content is quite evident. The personal account timeline is filled with rants, complaints, attack on brands, etc. But, @scribblefree, the one year old accounts timeline flows with content I am really interested in and need to learn. The reason for that is it’s organised unlike the older account. There are Twitter lists for various categories of people – Communications, Journalists, India News, International News, Research, etc.

It really helps to organise your content by following the right people and using lists for other purposes. BTW, Lists have purposes too.


It hurts when people follow you so you follow them, only for them to unfollow you later. Genuine users always follow back, treasure them. Don’t waste your heartbeat on people who are looking only to gain followers. Not everyone you follow will follow you back, even if they are of the same profession. Many use various tools to follow others based on keywords. Choose them wisely or you’ll be flooded with articles every few minutes, hogging your timeline.


When you kick-off a Social Media platform with purpose, it really works well for your overall make-up.
You are constantly thinking of the topic you enjoy, which trains your mind to dig deeper.
You learn to write simple, succinct sentences.
You are not just careful, but grow to be more mindful with your words. Right? After all, Words have power.
You stay aware and informed about topics that interest you and build your professional or hobbyist network.

And much more…

Updated: @scribblefree has been disabled. I’m back to the old one to implement all I’ve learned using this ID.

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