5 Tips for Social Media Career Aspirants

I recently asked a couple of mid-senior Social Media Strategists in India to respond to five questions on Social Media as a career option. If you are a fresher, love interacting with people, and believe in the power of digital, Social is your thing!

  1. Why choose Social Media Communication as a career?
  • A key requirement in today’s age of digital communication
  • Lots of growth in the industry and a great learning opportunity
  • Opportunity to grow with the industry
  • Collaborate with fellow practitioners across the world

  1. What are your Top 3 suggestions for Social Media agencies?
  • Upskill on analytics, various formats of content development (video, gifs, etc.)
  • Get smarter and agile, to be responsive in a fast-paced environment
  • Showcase tangible business results

  1. What do you think Marketing needs to know when it comes to Social?
  • Know your audience on various platforms as they are different on different platforms.
  • Exciting place to test and target.
  • Be flexible and open to experimentation

  1. What advice do you have for leaders using Social Media?
  • Nothing like personally being on the platform and engaging with other leaders
  • Give time and guidance to your teams
  • Lead by example

  1. Share 5 skills required to succeed as a Social Media professional.
  • A passion for digital engagement
  • Creative (Writing, Visual, Design, Video, Audio, etc.)
  • Good understanding of marketing data analytics
  • Always open to try out something new. Be flexible and agile.
  • A keen eye for trends, potential trends

The most powerful medium of communication, Word of Mouth, just got a whole lot better. If you are a communication professional in India, you cannot choose to ignore skilling yourself with social media tools. Read. A few recommendations for aspiring social media professionals where you can get good social media content – Social Media Today, PR Daily, Ragan, SproutSocial, BufferSocial, etc.

Get aboard – observe, listen, appreciate, share!

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