Why Swear At All?

Words have consequences. Travis Kalanick, Scaramucci, etc.

In a world where people are outraging on social media, human relationships being replaced by cats and dogs, the last thing we need is bonding over negativity. So many lives have been lost because of an incorrect tweet or post.

Where there is a need for genuine kindness and tenderness in the world today, we are seeing a deluge of videos faking goodness online. For money and fame.

With demanding jobs, and increasing stress – balancing work and home, the right words will have a positive impact. The recruitment process has witnessed a change over the years because of social media. Recruiters check applicants social media accounts before calling them for an interview. Many are rejected because of their negative comments or posts.

As a Communications person, I would attend the Sales & Marketing quarterly meetings in the company. The Sales head, an overly ambitious person would often curse – this, right after seeking an apology from HR seated beside him. HR was always helpless, could never take any action against him. Neither had the guts to warn him. His subordinates often remarked on his aggressive stance coupled with bad language, very discouraging. Many eventually left the company, and none ever made an official complaint fearing they might encounter him elsewhere.

It’s disappointing when people in power freely use negative words, it only deteriorates the culture. Travis Kalanick from Uber, was known to make vulgar comments. It eventually hurt the company’s reputation. An organization that was doing so well, lost its credibility as an employer of choice. Of course, bad language was not the only reason. It was critical.

Once at a group volunteering event, I required managing a bunch of employees from the outsourcing division. Often considered the spoilt lot (this particular team) in the company, these set of employee volunteers would freely use vulgar words in their regular conversations. Taking them out to an orphanage was the last thing on my mind, nevertheless, it had to be done. The request to participate in volunteering event came from the Director of the division. In my meeting with him, he assured his full support but also cautioned me about the nature of the group. As a precautionary measure, I chose to give the volunteers a deeper briefing before the event to avoid any issues when they were at the orphanage. Fortunately, my presence at the event proved a good reminder and we ended up having a great event.

How the world is changing! What was considered unprofessional, immature, or a lack of control, today, is increasingly becoming acceptable. On the other hand, what was but a well-written memo seeking a discussion on diversity turned out to be fatal for an employee.

It’s what comes out of our mouth that defines who we are. It reveals the state of the heart.

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