What is Internal Communications?

Information (Knowledge) is power - Sir Francis Bacon. Basic communication practices dictate the need for a two-way flow of information. How was it before? What is the history of Internal Communications? More here, on the evolution of Internal Communications. Internal newsletters, magazines helped humanize the organisation. Communicate top-down. Gradually, it started to feel like it was... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome Loneliness?

Billions of dollars are spent on Therapy sessions, Antidepressants, Mindfulness Meditation sessions, and the likes to fill existential gaps. The lack of human connection is threatening the advanced nations today. America is increasingly suffering from it, case in point, the Las Vegas shooting incident. In the name of technological advancement, Japan is trying to solve... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Impact | Tips for a Successful Employee Volunteering Program

Celebrate People. Celebrate Impact. Every Employee Volunteering Program deserves an appreciation of its people, teams, and a showcase of the positive impact its had on beneficiaries. Think through these tips that’ll reward you greatly both in the short, and long term. Celebrate Top Performers among the Volunteers, not more than 3-5 (medium orgs) or 7-10... Continue Reading →

Inspire Hearts, and Minds | Running a Successful Employee Volunteering Program

Building a core team is a consistent process. It does not end with having 10-15 employees on board. It's only the beginning. Apart from sustaining the current team, you need to ensure they are willing to mentor future core members. The Employee Experience needs to be fulfilling for volunteers to make that transition. They need to... Continue Reading →

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